Hair regeneration

Hair Regeneration
The Biologix Hair Therapy System™ offers an effective, affordable, virtually painless process that can jumpstart hair follicles and lead to restoration of a full, healthy head of hair.

Shown here are just a few examples of thoroughly satisfied people who were treated during pre-clinical-trials administered by a consortium of clinicians in South America spearheaded by Dr. Guillermo Duran, inventor of the therapy now called the Biologix Hair Therapy System™. Each of these individuals signed a waiver allowing us to tell their stories – they want to share their success with the world! These are but a few of the more than 5,000+ people who participated in the trials:

Gina Galvis
As a professional economist, I have great confidence in my ability to present powerful conclusions drawn from my research. At age 30, I can say that my professional career has been satisfying and successful, overall. But over the years I drew one conclusion about my health, and my appearance, that wasn’t so satisfying and left me feeling powerless … I had begun to notice hair loss when I was 20 – just a few too many hairs falling out each day. By about 25 it had reached a point where my hair was thin enough that I could see my scalp in a few places so I started researching a cure only to find there wasn’t anything that had been proven effective.

The last two years before I found Dr. Duran were awful. I could no longer hide my bare scalp with styling tricks and my professional life began to suffer, as I became too self-conscious to feel confident when making presentations. When I learned of Biologix Hair Therapy System™ I did my research and determined their track record was strong – I set an appointment immediately and am so glad I did! Not only did my hair loss stop after the first treatment; right away it began growing again in the thinnest spots. I now feel confident enough to address even the largest audiences, once again. In my opinion Dr. Duran should receive a Nobel Prize!

Fernando Janner
I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “This is not fair!” and someone usually responds, “Well, that’s just how life goes.” I said that a lot just a few years ago. It is “not fair” to have a big, shiny bald spot in your late thirties, is it? After all, I ate well, exercised, have a beautiful wife who loves me and takes great care of me and yet my hair was falling out like someone under terrible stress who never pays attention to his health or nutrition. I wanted a real answer to why my hair was falling out.

I thought it was especially “not fair” that with all the advances we have in science no one had developed a way to permanently restore one’s hair. When I learned about Follicle Nutrient Deficiency Syndrome (FNDS) from Dr. Duran I began to understand my situation more clearly. He said the cause of FNDS itself is still unknown but since scientists now understand that FNDS is the causal effect of alopecia they’ve finally been able to develop a treatment that actually works – and keeps working. Now instead of telling my balding friends, “Well, that’s just how life goes” I hand them a Biologix card and say, “You’re right. It’s not fair. Change it!”

María Miranda
I am so grateful to have learned about Biologix Hair Therapy System™ from Dr. Duran! Before I started treatments, the hair all over my head had been falling out and what was left had become very dull and fragile. Although I’ve learned to take care of myself so that the other symptoms are not so bad, until someone told me about Biologix it seemed like there was nothing I could do about my hair. I decided to try it even though I was skeptical at first, since my doctors had told me no effective treatment was available. Believe me – they all know about Biologix now!

My busy days are spent welcoming customers to my coffee and pastry shop where I make them comfortable while they relax, and I love my work! I didn’t feel very comfortable, though, when I noticed them looking at my head, and I knew they were wondering if I was okay. Now that my hair is beginning to look healthy and thick once again several have asked me what I’m doing. I’m happy to tell them about Biologix and what a difference it has made in my life.

Sandra Trigos
I certainly never expected to deal with losing my hair in my 30s. My grandmother’s had thinned but not until she was much older. But when my late husband became severely ill the stress of caring for him and managing his doctors and medicines took a real toll on my own health. One of the ways I noticed that was my hair became quite dull and brittle, and started thinning. Of course, I didn’t pay much attention while I was taking care of him but after he passed away it got much worse. It was a terribly difficult time in my life and for our whole family.

After his death I continued my work as a physiotherapist and friends encouraged me to realize I needed to take care of myself, not just my patients. Eventually, I decided they were right and made some changes in my life, one of which was starting Biologix treatments with Dr. Duran. The nutrients really strengthened my hair so that it began to look more healthy and strong, and started regrowing in the thinner areas. Stress affects us all differently, and I’m grateful that by taking better care of myself I’ve been able to overcome many of its effects on my life.

Tulio Prada
I have to tell you I was NOT happy when I started losing my hair at age 30. My father became almost entirely bald and I was definitely not looking forward to that! It wasn’t just Dad but nearly all the men in my family, so it seemed inevitable. I started in on one of the “miracle cures” advertised in magazines. No luck. Tried another one, a shampoo. No luck. Guess what? They don’t work, or at least not for long.

One medicated treatment I used every day for several months did make it seem like my hair got thicker but when I finally got tired of having to do it daily I just stopped. It wasn’t much more than a month before it fell out again. In fact, it started getting thinner even faster than before I’d started that medication! That was it. I set an appointment with Dr. Duran and his team. That was several years ago and now, I’m happy to have my thick hair back and just go in twice a year to keep it from ever falling out again.

Claudia Hernandez
The women in my family have a history of losing our hair as we get older. It falls out a lot and what doesn’t fall out becomes thin and brittle, and loses its shine. When I started to see the same thing happening to me in my early 20s I was naturally very disappointed but I thought it was an unavoidable genetic trait that could not be treated, and assumed it would just keep getting worse. My sister has the same problem and even when we were teenagers we tried to figure out a way to avoid it if it ever happened to us.

When her friend told her about Biologix she called me, very excited to tell me she might have finally heard of a real possibility! We called the clinic she had visited and talked to a therapist, asking her many questions about the procedure and whether it would work for our kind of thinning hair. When she told us how effective it’s been for other women, even at our age, we set appointments and went in together. Now instead of trying to figure out what to do some day when our hair is too thin to cover up, we spend our time imagining how wonderful it will be when we’re old and beautiful and our husbands still love our thick, long hair!

Christian Yidi
My hair has always been extremely thick and dark, so when it started to grey and get thin on top it was very noticeable. No one in my family had gotten bald so I was pretty surprised. When I went to my doctor to see if there might be any medical cause for it I learned that I am hypothyroid. My body was not making or processing thyroid hormone sufficiently to keep my metabolism operating at a steady, level pace. It turns out that dry, brittle, thinning hair is one of the side effects of hypothyroidism. Regulating my thyroid helped in a lot of ways, but unfortunately, I did not regrow the hair I had lost.

I first contacted Dr. Duran in 2008 after I’d been losing hair for about three years and heard that about 80% of men were successful in regrowing their hair with Biologix treatments. Hopeful I’d be one of that majority, I went in for my first appointment and was happy to learn people with less severe hair loss, like me, were among that 80%. That turned out to be accurate. As you can see in the picture I permitted Biologix to use, my hair is back to its old thickness and looks healthier than ever.

Beatriz De Hart
As a professional I feel like my appearance lends credibility to my practice and that my patients feel more at ease in trusting me with their care when I look healthy myself. All my life I’ve had thin hair and just tried to deal with it, using volumizers and styling techniques or different cuts to try to give it more body. But the older I’ve gotten the more lifeless my hair started looking as it got thinner and thinner.

Finally I decided I was spending entirely too much time trying to cover up increasingly noticeable hair loss that had begun to look a lot like my father’s receding hairline! I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Duran and after my intake exam and consultation he recommended a treatment plan that made sense to me and shared statistics on previous clients that convinced me it was a credible solution. I know it was a good decision, as my hair is now much thicker and healthier. I recommend this treatment plan to anyone who wants to prevent their own hair from thinning.

Asher Abadi
Some weeks selling real estate seems like a 24/7 job. I love it but when I’m running between appointments, staying up late to finalize paperwork for a closing or planning the next day’s showings I honestly don’t take great care of myself. Unfortunately, I often grab something to eat on the run, put off exercising as much as I should and keep my hair cut short so it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort. When it’s short, however, hair loss really shows!

When I started to notice my hair getting thinner about three years ago I thought I’d try some of the simple over-the-counter remedies. What I’d thought would be quick and easy turned out to be twice a day, every day or stopping work for an hour to let lotion sit on my hair… nothing about it turned out to be quick and worse, none of it even worked. Fortunately, Biologix is both quick AND easy! The treatment only takes about 15 minutes out of my day and after the initial series of treatments I now only go in twice a year. Twice a year for 10 minutes to get thick hair? SOLD!

Beatriz Nazer
I have no idea why my hair started falling out and the doctor couldn’t really tell me, either. He said that long-term stress can often be a causal factor and as a teacher, I definitely “pull my hair out” over certain aspects of my job. I love teaching and I love children but there is no question I chose a profession that’s stressful in many ways. And because I try hard to be a very good teacher I do stress over making sure my lesson plans are complete, papers are graded on time, I’ve communicated clearly with parents and I’m doing everything I can to help my children learn.

The last thing I had time for in the summer when I was taking continuing education classes was a long research project into the credibility of the various hair loss remedies advertised in the media. So I was truly grateful when another teacher said, “Just call Dr. Duran. His hair treatment works great!” Two treatments later I could see my hair starting to grow back in, especially along the line where I part it, and it has grown consistently thicker and healthier looking over time. Now I can cross “fix hair” off my long to-do list and go back to grading papers. Thanks, Biologix!

John Candil
My father’s hair loss began when he was about 20 and almost all of the men in our family went bald at a very young age. Dad always said to me, “Nothing you can do about it, son. You can’t change genetics.” Wow, I thought … with all the advances in medicine, there’s got to be a cure! But just as he predicted, when I was 20 I started to really notice my own hair falling out. While I was in law school I tried almost everything advertised. I’m a smart guy but I was willing to try anything that promised a cure, even if I knew it didn’t have research to back it up. Needless to say, nothing worked. My hair just kept falling out.

Now look at my picture! What baldness? My hair has grown back in as thick and dark as ever, even in my formerly receding hairline. The clinic said not everyone gets results immediately, but for me, even the first treatment started to make a difference. Now I’m 28 and looking forward to a lifetime of hair and I’ll definitely be getting annual treatments to reinforce the great results I’ve already gotten. My dad has been right about almost everything … but this time my hair is proving him wrong!

Liliana Vergara
Over the course of seven long years, starting in my mid-twenties, much of my hair fell out, little by little, until I had really sparse coverage all over my head, especially on top. And even worse, because it was already very fine there really wasn’t a way for me to hide it with styling tricks. I am a cosmetologist so I spend my time helping people look and feel better about themselves, and have spent my life studying ways to do just that. Yet even with that knowledge I was unable to reverse my own hair loss so that I looked and felt better about myself.

Over the years I tried almost every supposed cure – even the ones I knew sounded silly – and nothing really worked. The problem just kept getting worse! Finally, I heard about Biologix and scheduled an appointment to talk with a clinician. Believe me, I grilled the woman about every aspect of the Biologix Hair Therapy System™. I probably asked 50 questions but when we finished talking I was convinced this was worth trying. It was, and I’ve now got the thick, healthy hair to prove it! Since my hair started growing back I’ve become a walking, talking billboard in my studio. At last – something I can recommend wholeheartedly to my clients, and the personal experience to know, and show, it works.






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