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  • Our solution

    From 2004 to late 2011, before the acquisition of the worldwide intellectual property rights by Biologix Hair Science Ltd.™, the Biologix Hair Therapy System™ was administered in approximately 30,000 treatments of 5,000+ patients in scientifically controlled environments by Dr. Duran and a dedicated team of private clinicians located throughout South America. During those eight years, […]

  • Hair regeneration

    Hair Regeneration The Biologix Hair Therapy System™ offers an effective, affordable, virtually painless process that can jumpstart hair follicles and lead to restoration of a full, healthy head of hair. Shown here are just a few examples of thoroughly satisfied people who were treated during pre-clinical-trials administered by a consortium of clinicians in South America […]

  • Clinical licensing options

    Effective Hair Loss Prevention and Regeneration Treatment Between mid-2004 and late 2011, more than 30,000 pre-clinical-trial treatments of Biologix Revive were administered to 5,000-plus patients by a select private consortium of medical clinicians located in South America. Participating patients either suffered with varying degrees of FNDS or were seeking preventive treatment to avoid onset of […]