Effective Hair Loss Prevention and Regeneration Treatment

Between mid-2004 and late 2011, more than 30,000 pre-clinical-trial treatments of Biologix Revive were administered to 5,000-plus patients by a select private consortium of medical clinicians located in South America. Participating patients either suffered with varying degrees of FNDS or were seeking preventive treatment to avoid onset of FNDS. 

During those eight years, the clinicians subjectively estimated that healthy hair growth has been maintained in virtually 100% of those whose goal was to prevent the onset of Follicle Nutrient Deficiency Syndrome (FNDS) and resulting alopecia.

The clinicians further estimate that between 80 – 85% of their male patients and upwards of 90% of their female patients being treated for FNDS and seeking hair regeneration therapy have been able to regrow their lost hair.

Of the alopecia areata patients – both men and women – the rate of success has been observed to be nearly 100%.

Over these eight years, no negative side effects have been reported. In addition, in some cases patients' hair grows back in the individual's original natural color – even if previously grey.

Based on the outstanding success witnessed during pre-clinical-trials, Biologix is now preparing to conduct formal clinical studies to demonstrate to the FDA and other major regulatory agencies that the product is safe and effective for widespread use. 

Biologix Is Designed to Enhance Your Existing Business, Not Compete With It

It is important to understand how the patent pending Biologix Hair Therapy System™ will complement your current services and business revenues. It is not intended to compete with your existing business but to help further develop it.

First, the opportunity to add the first-ever FDA-approved hair loss prevention therapy to your existing hair restoration services immediately creates a powerful new category of long-term clientele who want to avert future hair loss.

Second, while the hair restoration therapy is intended to be offered as a stand-alone treatment for many clients, we are also seeking approval from FDA and other agencies for bi-annual use to maintain new hair growth. If approval is granted, the therapy can be offered to improve outcomes of hair transplantation by fortifying the health and longevity of the new hair growth, thus enhancing your current service and extending your relationship with these clients indefinitely. Obviously, satisfied clients in both categories, especially over the long term, will significantly enhance your reputation and help to build your practice.

Additionally, Biologix Hair Inc. will be working to build your business in other ways. Our marketing strategy is now being finalized to conduct a global public awareness effort about this therapy and Follicle Nutrient Deficiency Syndrome (FNDS). This will undoubtedly generate interest that may very well end up at your doorstep.

Now is the time to ensure you have the opportunity to make the Biologix Hair Therapy System™ available to your patients upon regulatory agency approval. Biologix is building out the market right now, worldwide, to established professionals who possess the vision and foresight to realize that an incredible opportunity is at hand.

Clinicians who affiliate with Biologix Hair Inc. now, even before approvals have been granted, will receive a cost savings of 10% on orders of Biologix Revive during the first 24 months of operation as a certified Biologix Hair Therapy Center™.

What does this mean to your operating costs? Our suggested wholesale price to clinicians is expected to be about US$ 250. A 10% discount on that price is US$ 25. Considering it takes 10 to 20 minutes for a Certified Biologix Hair Therapist™ to deliver one patient's treatment, with an expectation of treating two to three patients per hour, this cost savings equates to between US$ 50 and US$ 75 per hour – enough to cover the hourly wages associated with your treatment administrator. This means that for the first 24 months of operation as a certified Biologix Hair Therapy Center™, we are actually covering your labour costs (or the majority of them) associated with our treatment process. This equates to a great added inducement to securing your clinics rights today!

Now is the time to secure the exclusive rights within your territory and ensure you are in a position to enjoy these cost savings. Complete the brief form below and one of our Clinician Licensing representatives will contact you shortly, or call toll free +1 855.737.0333 or +1 647.344.5900.

Regulatory Approvals, Worldwide Clinician Licensing and Commencement of Commercial Operations

Biologix is focused on obtaining FDA approval for its breakthrough hair loss prevention and regeneration therapy and has initiated a research and development program with one of the world's leading medical research universities, the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). The R&D program, being overseen by Nova Southeastern University and expected to be completed in mid-2014, is an important final step before formal clinical trials and the FDA approval process begins.

Additionally, on May 11, 2012, Venable LLP, the Washington-based law firm overseeing the worldwide IP and regulatory approval processes on behalf of Biologix, filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application on behalf of BHS for Biologix Revive in Geneva, Switzerland. The PCT is an international treaty, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), to which 147 countries have as of now contracted, including Canada and the United States.

Although the Biologix Hair Therapy System™ is currently not able to be offered in more heavily regulated markets, such as the United States, Canada and the European Union, there are countries and regions with less restrictive regulatory barriers that enable Biologix to provide accelerated treatment options available via its clinician network while simultaneously focusing on obtaining regulatory approvals for all markets, worldwide.

Biologix is rapidly developing a global distribution network of licensed clinicians and medical practitioners seeking to become Certified Biologix Hair Therapists™ and secure exclusive purchasing and treatment rights for the Biologix Hair Therapy System™.

Management is currently working together with its Medical Advisory Board and its team of legal advisors to determine in which strategic locations around the world to begin offering commercial treatment options.

There are no fees associated with becoming licensed. 

Why not secure this opportunity now so you can begin treating patients the moment the Biologix Hair Therapy System™ is approved for use in your country?

Our Clinician Licensing consultants are prepared to answer your questions and clarify the options available to you in securing your professional position at the leading edge of truly effective preventive and restorative alopecia treatment.  Please take a moment to complete the information below and one of our consultants will respond promptly. Otherwise, you can call and speak with someone now. Call toll free +1 855.737.0333  or +1 647.344.5900.

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